Sapia Simone uses either certified organic, recycled or sustainable fabrics only. Our fabrics are made of a regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into beautiful and sustainable swimwear. 

Why ORGANIC Cotton.

ZERO Pesticides + hazardous materials which are unintentionally killing

67 MILLION BIRDS every Year. 

Reducing WATER POLLUTION by 98% 

SAFE on the skin


ZERO industrial polyester waste. Recycled polyester is produced from recycled PLASTIC BOTTLES and OLD GARMENTS

Only less than 4% of the World's Polyester is recycled.

Recycling polyester prevents fabrics from going to LANDFILL

Creates 75% LESS Co2 EMISSIONS lowering the demands for new polyester.


Sapia Simone orders low volumes until everything is sold. This is cost effective but also reduce waste.


Sapia Simone also offers a garment recycling service, donating to charity associations old , used and unwanted items.

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